During the LASIK procedure, a corneal "flap" is created utilizing a femtosecond laser. In the past, flaps were created with an automated bladed instrument called a microkeratome. Today's advanced technology uses a bladeless approach and the flaps are created with less risk and greater precision allowing for optimal safety and accuracy.

Once the bladeless flap is created, which takes approximately 30 seconds, your surgeon will carefully lift the corneal flap. They will then utilize the excimer laser to reshape your cornea and treat your farsightedness, nearsightedness and/or astigmatism.

Once the lasering process is completed, your surgeon carefully and precisely lays your flap back down and repeats the process for your other eye.

The procedure is performed with topical anesthetic and typically no pain or discomfort is experienced during the process. Generally, both eyes are prepped and completed within 15-20 minutes. To ensure a stress free experience, your surgeon will offer a mild anti-anxiety medication.

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